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Too Many Grapes to Raisins Recipe

Super easy – but not quick – baked raisins recipe!

Ahhh. Toddler loves. One day they love something so much, to only shun it the next day.

Take example A: bananas. Baby Z will love bananas so much that we buy bananas by the bushel load. A bushel load, a truck load of bananas? Is that even a thing? We buy so many bananas, because that’s all he’ll eat. Then one day, he stops. He drops bananas like a hot potato, and we’re left with lots of brown, overly ripe banana that no one wants to touch.

Which is what leads us to grapes. So. Many. Grapes. Toddler T’s favorite food until well… one day it wasn’t. And we had too many grapes. What to do?

You make tiny raisins which will take several hours out of your day, where you will ultimately end up with a very tiny amount. But that’s okay, what else will you do with picked-over grapes?!

Make Raisins Recipe.

Take grapes and wash and dry them.

Place on pan. As you can see in the images, we used a wire rack, but it wasn’t necessary because the tiny teeny dehydrated little grapes just slipped underneath once they dried.

We have a wire rack similar to this one, which gets really good Amazon reviews.

Yep, thems raisins.

Turn the oven on to 250, and then be prepared to stay home for several hours. Our raisins took 6 hours to make, and devoured in under 10 minutes. Was it worth it? Well, what else would we do with sad looking grapes? Now if only we could find something for all those brown, squishy bananas…. (just kidding, you can come here for our banana bread recipe!).

A few notes on Raisins Recipe…

  • Writing this post made me really curious about the history about the raisin. So, I looked it up and found this super cool article. Who would have known that the raisin was invented in 1873 in California?! Super cool.
  • We used three colors of grapes for our raisins recipe: black, red, and green. Once dehydrated, they all tasted equally as good.
  • This recipe is probably a great way to use up grapes that you other wise wouldn’t eat. If not, it’s probably just easier to purchase raisins from the store.
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Super Easy Raisins Recipe


  • grapes


  • Turn oven on to 250.
  • Wash and dry grapes.
  • Place grapes on metal rack and sheet.
  • Cook for 6 hours. Read a book, take a nap.
  • Take out, let cool, enjoy.

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