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Online Indian Cooking Class, SacramentoSpice

SacramentoSpice is an online Indian Cooking Class that features a variety of Indian, international, and fusion recipes. SacramentoSpice cooking classes are fun and easy and are geared towards those wanting to explore Indian recipes and cultures.

Our local Co-op, Sacramento Co-op, offers a bunch of local Sacramento cooking classes. I’ve been wanting to try one for a while, but never found the time. Luckily, the Co-op recently swapped their in-person cooking classes with Zoom classes, to accommodate more people and to practice stay-at-home orders. A variety of classes are offered with several different chefs, depending on your interest. This online Indian cooking class, hosted by SacramentoSpice, was the perfect opportunity for us to play with our cooking skills and learn more about Indian cooking.

The owner of Sacramento Spice, Shankari, is a local chef with over 12 years of cooking experience. She’s adorably sweet, informational, and has a knack for sharing her love of cooking and food. She offers a variety of different cooking classes through the co-op, and I signed up for the Indian Mac and Cheese. A fusion of my two favorite concepts?! Sign me up.

Sacramento Spice Cooking Class….

This Indian Fusion Mac and Cheese is Mac and Cheese flavored with a robust blend of Indian spices and garam masala. It’s conducted over Zoom, and we liked that the time commitment of the class, only 60 minutes, was an easy and convenient fit for our busy schedules.

The week before the class began, Shankari emailed us a list of everything we would need for the recipe. I grabbed everything several days before the class, and then prepped everything a few hours before the class. I figured if I had a head-start on the chopping and mincing, I would be able to focus on Shankari’s lesson.

All the ingredients for this class were easily accessible: macaroni pasta, garlic, ginger, cream, cheese, and Indian spices. I also didn’t need any fancy tools to take her class, so that was a bonus.

During the class…

She taught the class over zoom, and had two cameras: one camera on her, and one on the ingredients and process. This was a great way to see Shankari as she spoke, and to to see the process of the cooking at the same time.

The class had a small amount of people, which made it a great size for an intimate online class. Online classes with several people quickly feel overwhelming and less personal. Shankari interacted with everyone and was able to answer questions and engage each one of us.

And the best part about the class? At the end of 60 minutes, we had an incredibly aromatic dish of spicy mac and cheese, and featured Indian flavors. Perfect for dinner.

If you’re looking for something fun to do, then check out SacramentoSpice for online Indian cooking classes. Virtual cooking classes are a great way to experience different locations and foods, despite not being able to travel currently. I think our new favorite pastime will be checking out different online classes!

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  • Ann
    February 6, 2021 at 12:54 am

    Sign me up, too! This looks so yummy, so easy to do, and I know my kids and husband would love this dish for dinner! I’m definitely going to check out the online class. Thank you for sharing such a great experience and review!


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