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Instantpot Chestnuts Recipe

We take a new twist on an old recipe with these Instantpot Chestnuts. Our Instantpot Chestnuts Recipe cooks chestnuts quickly using just two basic ingredients. All you need is 15 minutes for easy and ready-to-eat chestnuts.

Rinse off your chestnuts and dry them, so they’re not slick and slippery – you’ll want a good grip so your knife doesn’t slip! Take a sharp knife, and crack the shell slightly. Ideally, you’ll want to make an ‘x’ on one side of the chestnut; You’ll want to split the shell so the steam can escape. You can also use this chestnuts clip if you want to make it easier! Next, put them in the InstantPot and cover with water.

Cook on low, for three minutes. Once finished, do a quick release and then leave chestnuts in the pot until the water has cooled. Once cool enough to handle, drain off the remaining water. We use a sieve, similar to this one! Put your chestnuts in a large bowl, and get ready to peel.

Enjoy and store in an airtight bowl in the fridge for 2-3 days.

And ta-da! Here’s our chestnuts, though we had quite the time peeling them. They still tasted delish.

Of course, afterwards, Meg and I found this awesome little tool used to peel chestnuts, and it probably would have been a huge help and wouldn’t have left our chestnuts in a mangled heap.

Our recommendations (affiliate links):

  • Instant Pot – I own 3qt (cute mini that’s perfect for cooking rice!) and 6qt and Aki owns 8qt! I used 3qt size to cook chestnuts.
  • Japanese knife – reasonable yet great quality! I’ve been using this knife for more than 10 years but still in a great shape! Keep it very sharp with knife sharpener!
  • Knife sharpener – I sharpen my knives weekly (or sometimes monthly when I’m lazy). When the knife cannot cut onions or tomatoes smoothly, it’s time to sharpen them. Also, sharpening knife is calming, just like meditation. You just focus on the angle and direction of the knife while sharpening and not thinking anything else.
  • Chestnuts Clip – This chestnut clip is very handy if you would like to have extra safety when cracking chesnuts!

Instantpot Chestnut Recipe


  • Instant Pot
  • knife (optionally chestnut clip)


  • chestnuts
  • water


  • Wash the chestnuts.
  • With a sharp kife, cut a slice into the rouded side of the chestnut. Do this for each chestnut.
  • Place chestnuts into instantpot.
  • Pour water over chestnuts, enough so that they're covered.
  • Turn on Instant Pot to low, 3 minutes. (*)
  • After cycle, do quick release immediately.
  • Leave chestnuts in the instapot, and let the water cool.
  • Once cooled and easy to handle, you can peel the chestnuts.
  • Store in an airtight jar in the fridge, for 2-3 days.


* If you like softer result, adjust pressure time to 4-5 min.
We recommend to peal everything while it’s still wet. It gets harder to peel once chestnuts are dry.

A few additional hints…

  • Want to try picking your own chestnuts? Check out our post about Chestnut Picking in Apple Hill! Learn about our tricks and helpful hints!
  • For these chestnuts, we used an Instantpot. An Instantpot is one of our favorite tools because it’s so versatile. If you’re unsure about purchasing one, check out our other Instantpot Recipes and join dedicated Instantpot Facebook groups. There’s tons of Instantpot inspiration online! Plus, they often go on sale and you can purchase them for a great price.
  • Wondering where to find chestnuts? Most grocery stores sell chestnuts as a seasonal staple. They’ll be located with the produce, and are often sold by pound. Hey, even Amazon has some! In California, we’ve found them at most popular grocery stores; however, for the adventurous type, try picking your own chestnuts!
  • Of course, if you want to by-pass the peeling, you can always get your chestnuts packaged and ready to eat.
  • I have NO IDEA if this tool works, but it seems brilliant. Wish we’d had it when we were peeling ours!
  • And, if you love chestnuts as much as we do, you can even find chestnut honey and chestnut paste! Yummy. However, to be totally fair, I’ve tried Italian chestnut honey and found the flavor very bitter.

Want to check out another one of our favorite Fall Instantpot Recipes? This Apple Cider pairs perfectly with chestnuts!

Disclaimer: This post probably contains affiliates. Thanks for reading!

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