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Free Download – DIY Ted Lasso’s Pink Biscuit Box Instructions

The pink box that Ted Lasso uses to pack his secret, home-baked biscuits. You will need this box if you want to recreate Ted Lasso’s biscuit recipe! Free download for Ted Lasso’s Biscuit Box!

We posted Ted Lasso’s Secret Biscuit Recipe last week and realized that we need a box to go with the biscuit! So we made it! Here are the instructions. The size for this Ted Lasso’s Biscuit Box is 2.75″ deep by 4.125″ wide and 1.5″ high.

Download your box template from below.

Now you have the perfect box to gift your boss some biscuits with!

Free Download – Ted Lasso's Pink Biscuit Box Printable (PDF)

Here is the quick video of the instructions!

Let’s make a pink box now!

Print double sided – page#1 on the front and page#2 on the back. If you are using a home printer, please make sure to print at 100% (or actual size) in the scale setting. Since my printer is broken, I actually printed mine from Staples. If you go this route and print from a store, you can order a print online and then pick it up at the store.

If you’re printing from Staples, it’s easy! Just click “Start Project” under “Simple Print” menu in this Staple page and upload the PDF file you just downloaded. Once you do that, you can choose the cardstock thickness. I printed mine on 110lb paper weight and it was perfect. If you are printing at home, we recommend to use a similar weight. If your printer does not have a double-sided print feature, just print page#1 and insert the paper into the printer feeder to print page#2 on the back side.

Left and Right = Front and Back

After printing, trim along the solid lines. I personally like to use this craft knife called Fingertip Detail Knife. It’s easy to hold and easy to cut (almost) straight & curve line without ruler.

Next, score the dashed lines – where you fold. Scoring is quite important when folding thicker cardstock. I used a scoring tool similar to this and it worked okay. If you don’t have a scoring tool, you can use butter knife. Make sure to press hard enough so that it will be easy to fold.

Lastly, fold the paper, glue only the front side of the box and let it dry.

That’s it! Ted Lasso’s pink biscuit box is now done!

Now ready to stuff biscuits into the box that you just made?

After baking biscuits in an 8×8 dish, cut biscuits to make them fit in the box. we cut mine into 3 horizontal columns & 6 vertical rows. Three pieces should fit in a box!

*Since the biscuits contain lots of butter and we just use regular cardstock for the box, we recommend to lay parchment paper inside.

Without parchment paper under the biscuits, the cardstock can absorb the butter, which will leave a stain on the box!

You can see the oil staining in the box on the left, below. Not super pretty for gifting!

Ta-da! It’s just like Ted’s biscuit! Perfect for gifting!!!

Our favorite tools and materials (affiliate links):

  • 110lb paper weight to print box template
  • We love this very handy paper cutter called Fingertip Detail Knife. This can be a game changer when you do paper crafts! It helps you cut tiny angles and small details!
  • A scoring tool makes folding easier and will help get a solid fold, when folding something heavy like cardstock.
  • In case you don’t have one, here is a glue stick
  • I use this Kraft color parchment paper. I simply cut into small size to lay inside a box. It works to keep the oil away from the box itself!
  • Do you need some weight to hold the lid? Here is the same bubble doll that Ted used in the show!

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*This post contains affiliate links for your convenience and to support the cost of operating this blog. Thanks for looking!

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DIY Ted Lasso’s Pink Biscuit Box

Box size is d2.75 x w4.125 x h1.5 in"
Active Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Keyword: box, craft, instruction
Yield: 1 box


  • printer (or you can print at print shops)
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • score tool (or butter knife)
  • Glue


  • 1 cardstock Thick cardstock is recommended. (110lb is used in the instruction images)
  • 1 parchment paper to lay in a box
  • 3 pieces of biscuit


  • Download the template from the link at the bottom of this instruction.
  • Print front (pg.1) and back (pg.2) using home printer (*) or at print shop (**)
  • Cut along the solid lines and score the paper along the dashed lines.
  • Fold and glue only on the bottom side. (see the instruction image)
  • Lay parchment paper on the bottom of the box and put 3 pieces of biscuits.


* Please make sure to print at 100% (or Actual size) setting. 
** Choose thick cardstock (around 110lb would be perfect) when ordering print at a local or online print shop.
To fit 3 pieces of biscuit in a box, you can cut into 3 horizontal columns & 6 vertical rows (if you bake using 8×8 container.).
Free Download – Ted Lasso's Pink Biscuit Box Printable (PDF)
Ted Lasso's Biscuit Recipe
Ted Lasso 2 Party Idea – Free Printable Games Included!

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  • Alma M
    November 5, 2020 at 5:22 pm

    This is awesome thanks for sharing! Love the show too such a positive upbeat message much needed this year.

    • 9cw7c
      November 8, 2020 at 2:41 pm

      Aww! Thanks so much! We also love the show! <3 Thanks for the comment.

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    • 9cw7c
      July 22, 2021 at 5:20 am

      Thank you so much!! 😀 Check out our newest link – we added free Ted Lasso game downloads!

  • […] love that Salt Harvest Creatives has gifted fans this pink printable biscuit box to match the box on Ted Lasson that Ted gives to Rebecca each […]

  • Meg
    August 28, 2021 at 7:09 am

    Thank you so much for sharing! Quick question: how do you know where to fold the lid?? Or am I missing something obvious?? Which is quite possible….

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  • Biscuits with the Boss
    October 14, 2021 at 7:15 am

    […] Now, if you are looking for the pink boxes that Ted has an endless supply of.  They are quite hard to find.   I did find a downloadable template. […]

  • Scott Davis
    April 8, 2023 at 9:07 am

    5 stars
    Thanks so much! I just wanted a couple of boxes and thanks to you didn’t need to buy 100. I also printed out BELIEVE signs on paper and glued them to the top. Adding bits of blue tape to their corners too. They look so cute. I will post to Instagram after giving them.

    • meg
      April 10, 2023 at 11:12 am

      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying season 3.


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