Aki + Meg

Hi there!! We’re Aki and Meg.

We’ve been friends for over 20 years, when Meg first came to America from Japan. She stayed as our foreign exchange student, and she’s been part of our family ever since.

Food has been a huge constant in our friendship. The food we love and create is a bridge which connects our cultures and identities. We believe food has the power to create relationships, explore identities, and placate hangry emotions.

We started this blog to explore culinary curiosities and find ways to beat the everyday cooking monotony. You’ll find a fun mix of international, sweet, umami, and delectable recipes here.

We’re so glad you’re on the adventure with us. Welcome aboard!

When the adventure started, circa 1996.

Thanks to our fabulous friend over at Sacramento based Dearheart Studios for these amazing photos. To check out more of her stunning work, please check her out at!

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