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Ted Lasso Season 2 Party

As hard-core Lassoists, we can’t wait for Season 2! Here, Meg and I throw a Ted Lasso Season 2 inspired party. Follow along, while see how the romance blooms between Keeley and Roy (team Keeley!) and what happens to AFC Richmond after their crushing defeat against Manchester City. Plus, we’ve included free downloads for your Ted Lasso Season 2 party!!

Ted Lasso Season 2 starts in July, and in perfectly delayed fashion, we threw a Ted Lasso Season 2 Party! Here, we featured Ted’s (and Rebecca’s favorite) cookies, plus a few of our favorites! Follow along to be inspired and to share that Lasso Love! Bonus – some awesome FREE printable games for your Ted Lasso Season 2 party!

Meg and I really needed an excuse to throw a party – really, we did. So, we threw a Ted Lasso Season 2 party, since we both have binged on Ted Lasso more times than we can remember. We wanted to do a Ted Lasso theme since the Season 2 date was released, but things have been hectic and we finally, 2 days before the release date, (in typical belated fashion) threw a party. Five dozen cookies, several batches of Rebecca’s biscuit, lots of tea and coffee, and creating games took a lot of coordinating! And we finally did it. Follow below to see how our party played out!

Sugar Cookies

We love cookies in any form. We have a sweet spot for sugar cookies, because they’re fun to decorate and easy to customize. What’s a more perfect way to celebrate our Ted Lasso Season 2 than with customized cookies?!

For sugar cookies, we thought it would be fun to do quotes, the ‘believe’ sign, Union Jack flags, AC Richmond Jerseys, and Ted’s iconic mustache. We found the cutest cookie cutters from a seller on Etsy. She had a bunch of cutters that I ordered; however, apparently I can’t conceptualize size and I ordered some super tiny cutters and some really large cutters. As you can tell from the photos, the quotes and Union Jacks are giant cookies, and the mustaches and ‘believe’ cookies are weirdly small. But that’s okay! If you’re going to order some, it would be better to keep the sizes of the cutters consistent. Find these cutters here:

For those of you that are new to sugar cookies, my go-to book is this book: Decorating Cookies Party: 10 Celebratory Themes * 50 Designs

I love this book. It has great tips on throwing a sugar cookie party, and it has cute ideas. Plus, I love her basic sugar cookie recipe. It’s my staple. I use this recipe for all my sugar cookies.

First, we made several dozen cookies and froze them. I store them in giant ziplock baggies when I’m freezing them.

When we are ready to decorate them, we bring them to room temperature before decorating. First, we outline the basic shape. Next, we let the outline dry before we fill the inside in. Then the filling typically needs to dry for 24 hours before it’s dry enough for us to write on.

Here I am attempting to outline the cookies. The quotes and the squares were the easiest to outline. I’m not quite sure what the heck I was thinking with the Union Jack flag. I was severely overestimating my craftiness factor. There is no way my lines are straight enough to pull of the British Flag. If you want to do a British Flag, I think your best best is cutting out straight edges with fondant. See my British Flag Fails below.

Scribble your favorite quote on the cookies or your favorite player’s name! Super fun and super easy.

We purchased edible markers and used these to write on the hardened icing. Here’s the link for the edible markers: Food coloring Pens, 11Pcs Double Sided Food Grade and Edible Marker

You can’t tell from these photos, but these cookies aren’t perfect. I don’t have quite a steady hand to get a great outline, but whatevs. I feel like that’s okay, and that Ted Lasso would just tell me to roll with it. The good thing about Meg’s photos? They’re really quite forgiving. As you can tell from the photos, the cookies look dang good.

Also, check out these super cute stickers we found on Etsy!! Perfect for our Ted Lasso Season 2 party. Plus, I threw some on my water bottle for good measure.

Ted & Believe Sticker Set by LivsByDesign (Etsy Store)

Other Ted Lasso Treat Ideas!

Ted Lasso Season 2 Party Games (3 free games!)

What party wouldn’t be complete without games?! Meg and I don’t have a dart board, so we had to come up with our own games instead.

We created 3 games – Bingo, Ted Lasso Trivia, and a “Who Am I?” game! All these games are available for your Ted Lasso Season 2 party!!

1. Ted Lasso Bingo

This game is best suited for Ted Lasso beginners. It’s easy and no knowledge is needed for the game. The rules of regular Bingo apply; however, we didn’t dictate a “free spot” so you can choose how you want your free spot to be played.

Print the call words and cut them out. Next, print out your bingo sheets. We created 30 different bingo cards – so you’ll have fun playing Bingo several different times and with several different people!

When printing the bingo cards, it’s best to print 2 pages per 1 sheet of paper.

And that’s a BINGO!

Free Download – Ted Lasso Bingo (zip-30 sheets)

2. Ted Lasso Quiz

This is a silly and fun trivia quiz. It’s easy to do. Just print and answer. Play in teams or against yourself. Need answers?! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for answers….

Free Download – Ted Lasso Quiz (pdf)

3. Ted Lasso – “Who Am I?” Game

This game is admittedly for Ted Lasso experts. It’s the game where you stick a name on your forehead without seeing what it is, and you ask other people questions and then you have to guess who is stuck onto your forehead.

Print our ” Who Am I” tags, cut out and play! Some of these names are really tricky, so you might want to go through and pull out the harder names.

However, if you’re up for the challenge because you’re a die-hard Lasso fan, then here’s a cheat sheet for the AFC Richmond player and character list – just in case you need some reminding on who is who. I would have failed miserably if it weren’t for this cheat sheet!

Free Download – Ted Lasso Who Am I? Game (pdf)

Answers for the Trivia Quiz – Spoilers!

Don’t continue on until you’re ready to see how you scored!

1. What did Rebecca say when she ate Ted’s homemade biscuits for the first time?

    A. Fuck me.

2. What is Ted Lasso’s ex-wife and son’s name?

    A. Michelle and Henry

3. What country is Dani Rojas from?

    D. Mexico

4. Ted Lasso gives Rebecca a box of biscuits.  Where does Ted Lasso get the biscuits from?

    C. He bakes them himself.

5.  What song does Rebecca sing at karaoke?

    B. Let it Go, Frozen

6. During a photoshoot, Keeley had to portray an animal.  What animal did she choose to portray?

    C. A Lion

7. What is Ted Lasso’s former club?

    C. Wichita State Football

8. What instrument does Higgins play? 

    A. Jazz Bass

9. How many sons does Higgins have?

    C. 6

10. Ted Lasso was invited to an Indian restaurant.  Who invited him?

    A. Ollie

11. Why does Rebecca originally hire Ted Lasso?

    C. She hopes the club will fail, to get back at her ex-husband.

12. What quote does Ted say to Rupert Mannion, before the final shots of the darts (besides “barbecue sauce”)?

    A. Be curious, not judgmental.

13. AFC Richmond travels to Liverpool for a game against the Everton rivals.  AFC Richmond has not been able to defeat Everton for how many years?

    C. 60 years.

14. What does the sign Ted Lasso posts up in the dressing room say?


15. In episode 2, Ted says something makes him feel warm and fuzzy, reminds him of home. What is it?

    C. Barbecue sauce

16. The fans of AFC Richmond give Ted a nickname. What is this nickname?

    B. Wanker

17. Who is the actor that plays Ted Lasso?

    C. Jason Sudeikis

18. What’s the name of Coach Beard’s girlfriend?

    C. Jane

19. Where did Coach Beard meet HIS girlfriend?

    C. Friday night chess club

20. Ted Lasso says, “Be a _______” What does he say?

    C. Goldfish

21. Who is AFC Richmond’s kit man and what does Ted call him?

    A. Nathan, Nate the Great

22. Keeley is featured in an advertisement for a city. What city is it?

    D. Liverpool

23. What is Rebecca’s nickname that her childhood best mate calls her?

    D. Stinky

How did you do?

If you missed 0 – 3, you’re a true AFC Richmond fan. You know all about the owners, the players, and the coach. You know their daily business, their gossip, and even their favorite colors. Yay, Ted Lasso is your favorite show!! To celebrate, watch it again!!

If you missed 4-10, not bad. You’re like Ted Lasso when he first landed in the UK – slightly clueless but still curious. Watch more Ted Lasso to brush up on your trivia!

If you missed more than 11, hold up. Have you even seen the show? Are you sent by Rupert Mannion to sabotage AFC Richmond?! That’s okay, you’re still lucky! You get to binge watch Ted Lasso all over again!!

How’d you score?! Comment below and let us know if you threw your own party. Xoxo – Salt.


Ted Lasso Bingo (zip-30 sheets)
Ted Lasso Quiz (pdf)
Ted Lasso Who Am I? Game (pdf)


Look what Ted Lasso fans made!!! 

Please tag us @saltharvestcreatives on instagram and we will share your beautiful and yummy Ted Lasso’s biscuits post on our website!!!


  • Olivia (Livs By Design)
    July 23, 2021 at 12:01 am

    Hi there! I’m the owner of LivsByDesign on Etsy and we are so obsessed with your Ted Lasso party!! The photos are beautiful! Would we be allowed to repost on Instagram/Our Instagram stories? Of course we would tag and credit your site 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing and supporting our small shop! (Can’t wait for Season 2!!!)

    • meg
      July 25, 2021 at 9:52 pm

      Hello Olivia! Thank you so much for your super cute stickers with freebie! Of course, you can repost on your social media or your website! We just watched Season 2 Episode 1 and now we cannot wait for Episode 2 coming up next week! Will Dr. Sharon Fieldstone like Ted’s biscuits!!?? Aaaaaah!

  • Sarah Auerswald
    July 23, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    Hi, I can’t wait to try this recipe! And play these games!! However, the Bingo sheets are not downloading for me. Is there something I should try? Thanks!


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