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Plays With Food – Chia Pudding Recipe

Wondering what makes the best chia pudding? We were. Here, we test three different types of milk to see see which yields the best Chia pudding. Our Chia Pudding Recipe results are below…

Chia is such breakfast power house. Not only is chia dense and nutritious, but you can add different fruits and flavors, depending on your mood. This basic Chia Pudding Recipe is the same – 4 tablespoons chia to 1 cup of liquid. Then, add any sweetener that you like. Our preference is maple syrup.

Our results from the Chia Pudding Recipe…

  • Using dairy milk (moooo), the chia didn’t thicken quite as much as the coconut or oat milk.
  • Looking to make your own Chia Pudding? We haven’t used these containers, but the look pretty similar to the ones we own.

Cow milk didnt get thicken as much as coconuts milk or oat milk. And cow milk and oat milk made a bit of clumping. Coconut milk didnt make any clumpnig because of the thickness of the liquid – seeds floats in the liquid. In cow milk or oat milk, seeds sinks that can cause clumping, so needs to be stirred several times. Instead of usin

g food coloring, I tried using Matcha power for green (cow milk chia pudding), turmeric for yellow (oat milk), and sweet potato powder for purple (coconut milk). I liked matcha flavor the most (maybe because thats the flavor that im used to the most)

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