Valentine’s Day Easy Cupcakes

These pawfectly cute Valentine’s Day Easy Cupcakes are adorable! They’re fun and are an easy activity for little hands. Just grab a handful of sprinkles and your favorite mini-cupcakes!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the explosion of pink and red and white and everything cute and sweet. Plus, I find this holiday so fun because it’s so easy to get little kids involved. These Valentine’s Day Easy Cupcakes are one of my favorites for little kids and their little hands. Great for coordination and for creating different faces! Plus, you can adjust your sprinkles and play with what you have on hand, and the kids can use their imaginations to create something.

Even if the cupcakes don’t turn out quite like puppy dogs (we had a few sprinkle explosions, red sprinkle turtles, and faces), they will still be fun to share and eat.

For this project, you just need a few sprinkles. Here’s what we used:

  • black jimmies
  • heart candies
  • black dragees
  • pink quinns
  • candy eyes

Want to know how we know about the different types sprinkles? We got the intel from Sprinkles 101. Thanks, Sarah, for the info on sprinkles!

First, make sure your mini-cupcake has a good dose of frosting on the top. You’ll need it for the sprinkles to adhere.

Separate the sprinkles in mini-cupcake liners, and place them in front of the kids. Give each kid a pre-frosted cupcake, and then give them the sprinkles. If you’re short on sprinkles and have a limited amount, place the cupcakes on a tray or plate, to catch any rogue sprinkles. This way, you can re-use the sprinkles that didn’t make their way onto the cupcake.

I can attest to this – there was a giant sprinkle mess on the floor and on the counter. See T’s sprinkle explosion cupcake? Yup. That’s how we sprinkle around here.

Next, let the kids play with their sprinkles and create cute puppies!

A few quick notes…

  • Most of these sprinkles can be found from Joanne’s or Michaels. If you’re not planning on using a large amount of sprinkles, I love purchasing from these two places. They sell their sprinkles in tiny packs, and then I don’t buy more than I need.
  • Red hearts
  • Black jimmies
  • Candy eyeballs. I believe I got the larger size; however, if you get a different size, you can create different faces!
  • Pink quinns
  • Black nonpareils
  • I use these mini-mini cupcake wrappers for my sprinkle containers. I originally purchased them for the mini-cupcakes, but they seem a bit extra small. They work perfectly as sprinkle containers while working.
  • If you plan on piping your own frosting, use a plain rounded tip and just squeeze a giant dollop onto the cupcake, keeping the tip centered. Where the tip leaves the cupcake, you’ll see a small frosting lip. Cover this with the nose. Depending on the size of your cupcake, you’ll adjust your tip size. I used this size for mine, Wilton #12.

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