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Easter Egg Cocoa Bomb Recipe

How absolutely adorable are these Easter egg cocoa bombs?! This Easter egg Cocoa Bomb Recipe is such a fun and festive treat for spring – who wouldn’t want a basket full of Egg Cocoa Bombs?!

We have chickens and our sweet chickens give us the prettiest eggs every morning – blues, greens, grays, and copper shades. The eggs are so pretty that I thought it would be fun to jump on the cocoa bomb craze and re-create them as Easter egg cocoa bombs.

This Easter egg cocoa bomb recipe is very easy. It’s exactly the same as a regular cocoa bomb recipe, just with a different shape mold. You’ll need the exact same ingredients, just adjust the ingredients for the decorations, depending on how you want to decorate.

If you’re new to cocoa bombs, here is a quick instruction to understand the process. If you’re looking for an in-depth step by step instruction, you can find a second video at the bottom of this post.

Quick Quiz: Easter egg Cocoa Bomb vs. Chicken Egg?!

Quick how to video

Though these cocoa bombs are pretty easy, the execution can be a bit tricky and they do have a slight learning curve. It took me one batch to get the hang of the assembly, but after I figured out how to assemble the two egg halves, the process was much more streamlined.

The main difference between the Easter egg cocoa bomb recipe and the regular cocoa bomb recipe, is the amount of cocoa powder you’ll put into each egg bomb. Because these eggs are much smaller, each egg can hold about a tablespoon of cocoa. Depending on your hot-chocolate preference, one Easter egg bomb might not be strong enough for your cup of cocoa. If so, then just put in 2 Easter eggs per mug. Simple solution!

If you’re new to cocoa bombs, please head over here for our detailed post and video on how to do cocoa bombs! Otherwise, if you’re a seasoned expert on cocoa bombs and are familiar with the assembly, then this post will be a brief refresher.

A few notes about Easter egg cocoa bombs supplies….

For these Easter egg cocoa bombs, you’ll need a mold. In this Easter egg cocoa bomb recipe tutorial, I used a hard plastic mold. I’ve used silicone molds and plastic molds, and while both molds are easy to use, I think I prefer the plastic mold. You just need to pop the filled molds in the freezer for a few minutes before tapping the chocolate out; with a silicone mold, I feel like it’s slightly like peeling off a wrapper in one swift movement – which makes me nervous sometimes that I’ll apply too much pressure and break the mold. Either way, both types of molds are easy.

Colors and decorations:

Before and after decorations!

Since we’re going for a rustic backyard flock color, we wanted to stick with dusty blues, muted greens, and peachy pinks. I used these colors, from Colour Mill. This was my first time using this brand, and I loved how vibrant the pigment was! Perfect for Easter eggs!

A few notes on your ingredients….

Also, unless you want to temper your own chocolates, get melting wafers instead. If you get good quality melting chocolates, then the taste is great and and the convenience is worth it. I tried the Michael’s brand of candy wafers and Ghirardelli wafers, and I felt the Ghirardelli wafers were easier to work with. For some reason, the final product looked much smoother and the chocolate was easier to handle and assemble. If you’re practicing and just wanting a fun activity and don’t care about how perfect the eggs look, then get the Michael’s Melting Wafers. Otherwise, I found the Ghiradehllia brand melting wafers gave a more seamless finalized egg with smoother edges.

If you choose white chocolate and you want to dye the wafers, you’ll need a special type of food coloring. Chocolate can be tinted with oil-food coloring but be warned – do NOT use regular food coloring! We were sad when we accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle of food coloring. Water based food coloring reacts with the oil in the chocolate, and will cause the chocolate to seize up and clump – disaster!

The Basics of the Easter egg cocoa bombs…

This is a quick tiny tutorial on how to make the cocoa bombs. If you’re looking for an in-depth tutorial, click here for our original cocoa bomb post or check out our video tutorial!

  • Melt your chocolate and color it. Grab your mold and grab a spoon! Quickly fill each mold, pushing the chocolate back to the edge with your spoon, and then pop in the freezer for 2 minutes.
  • Remove the tray from the freezer, and do a second layer of chocolate. Pop in the freezer again! This time, for 5 minutes.
  • Remove from freezer, and pop each egg shell out of the tray. You might want to wear food-handling gloves to minimize your finger prints. Also, expert trick, use cupcake liners to store each a half of the mold until you’ve finished assembly. While you’re popping the chocolate eggs out of the molds and filling a shell with hot-chocolate mix, you’ll also want to heat up a baking tray in the oven.
  • Remove hot tray, and place it next to you in your work space. Slightly melt one half of the egg on the hot tray, and quickly squash onto another egg half (one that’s filled with cocoa mix). Continue doing this until all egg shells are formed. Let eggs sit for a few minutes, until the chocolate has hardened again.
  • Package in cute little baskets, and ta-da! Perfect Easter gifts!

Don’t be afraid of mistakes, because this will ultimately happen once (or twice, or thrice) times:

Practice makes perfect. Well, at least that’s what I tell my kids. But it’s true!! The more of eggs/spheres that you form, the better they’ll be.

Decorating Easter egg cocoa bombs…

Depending on how you choose to decorate your eggs, you’ll need different ingredients. My favorite methods for decorating the eggs are: chocolate drizzle with sprinkles, shine luster, and chocolate speckles.

If you’re using the speckles, which is my favorite method, mix a tiny amount of cocoa powder with an equal amount of water. You’ll want a texture of between a paste and a liquid, so you’ll need to test it out and adjust it. Dip your food-safe brush into the paste, and using your fingers, flick the brush to create the paint splatter. Do this speckle pattern onto your egg and let it dry. Relatively easy!

If you’re doing chocolate drizzle with sprinkles, just melt your chocolate and put it into a piping bag. Pipe the chocolate over your egg and top with sprinkles. Easy!

If you choose to do the luster, just pick out a luster you love. Using a food-safe brush, brush the dry luster on top of the egg. Easiest!

Additional Tools (optional)…

  • Cupcake liners found here! These are nice to place the shells in. Regular size or mini size works for these Easter eggs, but if you’re doing regular cocoa bombs, then you’ll want to use regular sized liners.
  • Molds! If you’re curious about a silicone mold, here’s an Easter egg silicone mold, though we didn’t use it. Here is a plastic mold, which is similar to what we used, though not it exactly. If you decide to purchase a plastic Easter egg mold, do your research, as the one we linked on Amazon gets mediocre reviews. We happened to have an old plastic Easter egg mold which I’d purchased years ago, so we used that. Also, double check your dimensions before purchasing a mold to ensure you get the correct egg size.
  • Love this Ghirardelli brand for melting wafers because of the taste and because they seam together smoother. If you don’t feel like splurging, Michael’s store also offers a great brand at a great price; however, I feel like the flavor isn’t good and the consistency is slightly, very slightly, harder to work with.
  • ColourMill color is great for tinting the wafers. You can also use pre-tinted melting wafers, Michaels has several colors.
  • These green baskets are darling for the finished product! Plus, the extras are perfect for berries, fruit, and sugar cookies.
  • Easter egg molds, or any shape! Just check the measurements of your mold, to make sure you’re getting the size you want.
  • Gloves are handy to minimize frustration. If you wear gloves, your eggs will stay fingerprint free, which will help with chocolate keep its natural luster.
  • Decorations are fun!! My favorite is the edible luster, which will make your egg shine like a golden egg!! It’s edible and it’s shiny and has such a beautiful sheen to it! When purchasing, be sure to get the edible powder that is “luster” or “pearl” so you can see the shine; otherwise you might just get a matte powder. My favorite luster, which pairs gorgeously with the Eucalyptus oil-based coloring, is the Arctic Stone, shone on the left, and it’s opened in the right photo. Amazon has the brand I’ve used, but it’s currently out of stock.


Add 8 ounces of hot liquid, stir swiftly with a spoon, and watch the egg melt! Add two eggs per mug, depending on your hot chocolate flavor.

Step by step Easter Egg Cocoa Bombs instruction video:

Quick how to video is here.

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Easter Egg Cocoa Bombs

Course Dessert, Drinks


  • Tin pan
  • Spoon or offset spatula
  • Cupcake liners
  • Cooking gloves
  • Candy mold


  • 1 cup chocolate melting wafers
  • hot chocolate mix
  • sprinkles optional
  • mini-marshmallows optional

Decorations, optional


    • Melt the chocolate wafers in 30 seconds increments, until melted. If dying chocolate, color it after melted.
    • Spoon chocolate into your mold, backfilling with your spoon or offset spatula.
    • Freeze for 2 minutes, then remove from freezer.
    • Do a second layer of chocolate into each mold.
    • Freeze for 5 minutes.
    • Remove from freezer and put gloves on.
    • Gently tap out chocolates from the mold.
    • Fill half the egg shells with hot-chocolate powder.
    • Heat metal tin in the oven for a few minutes. Remove from heat and place in your work space.
    • Melt the edges of one egg half slightly, then place it ontop of another half to create an egg shape. Push the halves together and set aside.
    • Continue until finished with all eggs.

    Decorate, optional.


      • To serve, place into a large mug.
      • Add 8 ounces of hot liquid (milk or water) and quickly stir.
      • Enjoy!
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